Elephants in Need

Elephants in Need is working towards a better life for elephants and orphaned elephants in Sri Lanka.

Elephants are mighty animals. So powerful and strong, and at the same time very kind and full of character. Threatened in their existence, because poachers want their ivory tusks and farmers kill them for being on their lands. Ill-treated as workhorse in the tourist business. Bored, if they are lucky enough to be in a shelter, but with too little knowledge and bad facilities.

We can do better, but it comes at a price. The countries where elephants live are quite poor. Time for action! Olifant in Nood aims to setup projects that improve the wellbeing of elephants, mainly in shelters in Sri Lanka. To free them from their chains and to let them lead the life they deserve.

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Shelter fence

We will build a fence around the sheltering area, to be able to remove the chains the elephants are kept on.

Cost: € 12.500 per fence

Waterpump shelter

To be able to use the area the shelters are in for agricultural products (fruit, vegetables), elephants will not have to be used (as much) for making money.

Cost: € 1.500 per pump

Food and medicine

To keep the elephants in a healthy condition, antiseptics, medicine and good food is needed.

Cost: € 1.750 per elephant per year

Educating the caretakers

The elephant caretakers (mahout) are part of the lowest caste in Sri Lanka and benefit greatly from education. This in turn will help them treat the elephants better.

Cost: € 800 per mahout

Educating farmers

Farmers often shoot elephants when they are on their land. By educating farmers and putting electric fencing in place where possible, both crops and elephants are protected.

Cost: € 500 per farmer

Buying elephants

To save an elephant from the tourist business, it has to be bought from the owner (which often mistreats the animals).

Cost: € 10.000 per elephant

Only so little left
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The foundation

Across the globe, elephants are threatened. The foundation for elephants in need (Olifant in Nood) is working towards a better life for elephants mainly in Sri Lanka, where elephants suffer in abominable conditions. Sri Lanka is a poor country and tourism is a big business – this is the sector that mistreats elephants and overburdens their fragile backs.

Remove the chains. The circumstances for elephants in ‘shelters’ must be improved. People working with elephants benefit from education, which is not free. However, for a lot of people a small amount of money goes a long way in Sri Lanka.

We will do it. The foundation was established by Amber Leijdens after a stay in one of the elephant shelters in Sri Lanka. “If you want to accomplish something in Sri Lanka, you have to do it yourself”, according to Leijdens. “The money we collect will be used directly and without misappropriation to give elephants a better life”.